Top 10 Best Rim Size For 35 Inch Tires Of 2022

There is no definitive answer to this question as different people have different preferences, but a good starting point is to go with a rim size that is between 18 and 22 inches. This will provide a balance between a larger wheel that can accommodate the 35 inch tires and a smaller wheel that will be more responsive and easier to handle.

Which Are The Best Rim Size For 35 Inch Tires From Our Choice

If you don’t have enough time, check out this shortlist of the best rim size for 35 inch tires and choose the one you like the most.

10 Best Rim Size For 35 Inch Tires People Love In 2022: In Depth Features

Bestseller No. 1
PAIR Storage Vinyl Tire Covers 33" - 35" Diameter Tires Polar White for RV, Trailers, Camper Fits 16"and 19.5" Rim Sizes Like 8Rx19.5, 9Rx15, 225/70/19.5, 245/70/19.5, 265/70/19.9, LT285/75/15, LT315/70/15
  • 2 Per Box, Vinyl Storage Tire cover with brass grommets
  • Fit 33" to 35" diameter tires (most 16", 16.5" and some 19.5" rimmed tires).
  • Comes with bungee cord to wrap through grommets for off season blow away protection
  • Vinyl Tire Covers with flannel inner liner, brass grommets for secure mounting, Double stitch
  • Keeps the UV and Sun rays from dry rotting your trailer tires
Bestseller No. 2
PAIR Storage Vinyl Tire Covers 33" - 35" Diameter Tires Black for RV, Trailers, Camper Fits 16"and 19.5" Rim Sizes Like 8Rx19.5, 9Rx15, 225/70/19.5, 245/70/19.5, 265/70/19.9, LT285/75/15, LT315/70/15
  • 2 Per Box, Vinyl Storage Tire cover with brass grommets
  • Fit 33" to 35" diameter tires (most 16", 16.5" and some 19.5" rimmed tires).
  • Comes with bungee cord to wrap through grommets for off season blow away protection
  • Vinyl Tire Covers with flannel inner liner, brass grommets for secure mounting, Double stitch
  • Keeps the UV and Sun rays from dry rotting your trailer tires
Bestseller No. 3
SuperATV XT Warrior Off Road Tire - 35x10-15 - for Polaris, Can-Am, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Honda, Arctic Cat, Rock & All Terrain UTV/ATV - 35" - Standard
  • Aramid Belt Construction For Strength And Flexibility ✔️
  • Aramid Belt Construction For Strength And Flexibility ✔️
  • 35X10-15 For Optimal Rock Crawling Performance & Designed To Work With Gdp Portal Gear Lifts
  • Made With Kevlar Belt Package 💥 V-Shaped Tread Provides Traction In Any Condition Including Slick Or Muddy Terrain
  • 8 Ply Construction With A Built In Rim Guard
SaleBestseller No. 4
10” Flat-Free Tires 4.10/3.50-4 Solid Rubber Tire and Wheel Assemblies 5/8” Bearings Compatible,for Hand Trucks Generators Garden Utility cart 2 Pack Black
  • Versatile 10" Flat-Free replacement tires for lawn mowers, hand trucks, Generators ,Garden Utility cart, gorilla cart, air compressors, generators, go carts, wood chippers and more.Just not for highway use
  • Flat Free solid Tire is the perfect replacement for pneumatic tires.Solid tires can never go flat so go value
  • The 10” solid wheel comes with 5/8” Heavy duty ball bearing,Offset wheel hub with a hub length of 2.25" .Suitable for dynamic load-bearing, not suitable for static load-bearing
  • The Wheelbarrow Tires wheel are made of solid polyurethane tire and steel hub, which are sturdy and durable . Features a load capacity of 300 pounds and a saw tooth tread for the perfect balance of traction and maneuverability
  • 100% money back guarantee - If you are not satisfied with our products for any reason, you can ask for a replacement or a full refund. Customer satisfaction is our unremitting pursuit. We will show you our sincere attitude and satisfactory solution as soon as possible.
Bestseller No. 5
(2 Pack) 15 x 6.00-6 Tire and Wheel Set - for Lawn Tractors with 3/4" Sintered iron bushings
  • 15 X 6.00 - 6 TIRE AND WHEEL SET SUITABLE FOR LAWN TRACTORS WITH ABOUT 14.2" dia. WHEELS WITH 3/4" Sintered iron bushings - Are you still searching for separate wheel rims, tires, and inner tubes for your lawn mower. Why not try this pre-assembled set?
  • High-quality and durable, these tire and wheel assemblies will fit most lawn mowers that tires with an outer diameter of around 14.2 inches, and a section width of 5.3 inches. For a perfect fit, the existing wheel should have a rim diameter or around 6 inches with 3/4-inch diameter Sintered iron bushings, and a hub that is about 3 inches long.
  • HIGH-QUALITY AND HIGH LOAD CAPACITY 15X6.00-6 NHS LAWN MOWER TIRES AND WHEELS - The tires are made of high-quality all-season rubber that are both dependable and durable. These tires are 4 ply with a maximum psi of 30 and a maximum load capacity of 570 pounds.
  • PERFECT FOR GARDEN, LAWN, AND TURF - The tires' non-directional chevron-designed tread provides maximum grip and traction even on challenging terrain. The addition of non-grease precision ball bearings provides an assurance of a smooth ride on any terrain. And the best part? The treads' design prevents it from damaging turf and accumulating dirt. We also offer 40-day free return so you can shop with a peace mind.
Bestseller No. 6
(2-Pack) AR-PRO 10 x 3.50-4” Solid PU Run-Flat Tire Wheel - 10” Flat Free Tubeless Tires and Wheels for Utility Equipment - 5/8” Axle Bore Hole, Offset Hub, and Double-Sealed Ball Bearings
  • AR-PRO 10x3.50-4” SOLID PU Run-Flat TIRE AND WHEEL ASSEMBLIES - These tire and wheel assemblies are the perfect replacement parts for wheeled equipment with wheels that have an outer diameter of around 10 inches, rim diameter of 4 inches, and tire width of 3.50 inches.
  • 10” FLAT FREE TUBELESS TIRES AND WHEELS FOR UTILITY EQUIPMENT - Highly compatible with yard tractors, wagons, wheelbarrows, hand trucks, portable generators, dollies, trolleys, lawn mowers, and more! Convert now to more efficient and maintenance-free tire and wheel assemblies!
  • 5/8” AXLE BOREHOLE, OFFSET HUB, AND DOUBLE-SEALED BALL BEARINGS - Don’t let the thought of replacing an entire wheel assembly deter you from enjoying the benefits of a flat-free and tubeless hand truck wheel. The wheel assembly has an axle borehole inner diameter of 5/8 inch that will universally fit on 5/8-inch axles. There are two double-sealed ball bearings on each assembly to minimize rotational friction and provide both radial and axial load support.
  • HEAVY-DUTY SOLID PU TIRE AND WHEEL ASSEMBLIES - The layered 100% premium PU ensures that the rubber tires can perform excellently under heavy-duty applications. The solid and durable construction ensures that the tires are wear, puncture, tear, and rot-resistant. The rims are steel with solid metal hubs that resist impact cracks and suitable for all-terrain use.
  • SAFE AND COMFORTABLE TUBELESS TIRES AND WHEELS - Sharp debris and punctures are no issues for these flat-free solid rubber tires. Not only that, they can perform on terrains where pneumatic tires can easily fail. They are best for utility equipment that operates on rough terrain and requires rough handling. There’s no risk of flats, explosive punctures, and pinched inner tubes!
SaleBestseller No. 8
(2-Pack) 10‘’ Replacement Tire for Gorilla Cart - Solid Polyurethane Flat-Free Tire and Wheel Assembly - 3” Wide Tires with 5/8 Inch Axle Borehole and 2.1” Hub
  • 10” REPLACEMENT TIRE FOR GORILLA CART - Tired of constant flats on your Gorilla Cart’s pneumatic tires? This is the perfect solution for your dilemma - 10-inch low-profile flat-free solid polyurethane tire and wheel assemblies. Our 2-pack set comprises 2 tires and a corresponding set of metal washers.
  • WITH FREE 4 METAL WASHERS FOR EACH TIRE - Both the 2-pack and 4-pack sets come with free 4 metal washers for each tire and wheel assembly. So, for the 2-pack set, you’ll receive 8 metal washers for a fuss-free installation.
  • SOLID POLYURETHANE FLAT-FREE TIRE AND WHEEL ASSEMBLY - The beauty of solid tires is that tears and punctures won’t stop them. Whether you are out in the field or in your yard, these flat-free solid tires will be your reliable companion. Made from solid polyurethane with strong steel rims, each tire and wheel assembly can accommodate up to 300 pounds of distributed weight.
  • 3” WIDE TIRES WITH 0.6” AXLE BOREHOLE AND 2.1” HUB - The tires have an outer diameter of 10 inches, an inner diameter of 6.99 inches, and a width of 3 inches. It has a 5/8 inch axle borehole and a 2.1 inches hub length (end to end with an offset). These assemblies also have upgraded rubber-sealed carbon bearings to prevent contamination by dust and water.
  • HIGH-QUALITY AFTERMARKET REPLACEMENT PARTS -We aim to provide you with the best shopping experience. Our line of replacement parts and accessories has undergone thorough in-house testing to ensure consistent quality. Unsatisfied with our product or service? Don’t hesitate to contact our US-based customer service team.
SaleBestseller No. 9
Cooper Evolution M/T All-Season 35X12.50R15LT 113Q Tire
  • Bold tread pattern designed to tackle mud with enhanced traction
  • Build to withstand damage from gravel and debris
  • Studdable for extra traction in harsh winter weather
  • Standard Limited Warranty
  • MplusS Rated (mud and snow)
SaleBestseller No. 10
(2-Pack) AR-PRO 10''x2'' Flat Free Solid Rubber Replacement Tires (4.10/3.50-4") - Flat-Free Tires for Hand Trucks and Wheelbarrows with 10” Tires with 5/8" Axles
  • FLAT FREE SOLID RUBBER REPLACEMENT TIRES - Flats are inevitable, or are they? These solid rubber tires will remove the hassle of flat tires so that you can keep going without worries! These solid rubber tire and wheel assembly fit vehicles and equipment with 10-inch tires with 4-inch rims, 5/8-inch axles, a offset hub, and a tire width between 1.50 inches and 2.10 inches. It’s a guaranteed fit!
  • FLAT-FREE TIRES FOR HAND TRUCKS, WHEELBARROWS, AND MORE - Versatility and dependability are the two key selling points of AR-PRO’s flat-free tire and wheel assemblies. They are highly compatible replacement tires for dollies, trolleys, hand trucks, lawnmowers, wheelbarrows, yard trailers, wagons, snow blowers, pressure washers, air compressors, and other utility equipment.
  • HEAVY-DUTY TIRES MADE FROM HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS - These are solid rubber tires you can depend on in any weather condition. Made from premium-quality plastic and 100% natural solid hard rubber. Perfect for heavy-duty hauling and transporting applications with a maximum load capacity of 660 pounds.
  • SAFE AND COMFORTABLE RIDE - Say goodbye flats without saying goodbye to a smooth and comfortable ride. AR-PRO flat-free tires provide convenience, safety, and comfort. With 4X thicker rubber walls, these tires will provide optimum shock absorption even on bumpy roads. These are solid tires with a solid performance.
  • US-BASED CUSTOMER SERVICE - We respond to all product-related questions or inquiries within 5 hours. Not satisfied with your purchase? We have a 30-day free return/refund policy.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Rim Size For 35 Inch Tires

Before choosing a rim size for 35 inch tires, you should take the following considerations into account.

The best rim size for 35 inch tires is the 3/8″rpm. It is because this diameter of rim is specifically designed to fit and protect your tires easily. Another factor that might consider a specific rim size for your tires is those with a high per-inch rate. A higher per-inch rate means more attention is paid to each wheel, making it more difficult for water and dust to spread across the tire. There are a few different types of 3/8″rpm wheels that you might want to consider: open, jigsaw-marked, or machine-marked. Machine-marked wheels are the most common, but they may have someLovely 35 in rubber shortcake: 3/8″rpm” Machines Marked Wheels 3/8″rpm” Open Wheels 3/8″rpm” Jigsaw-Marked Wheels

Related Frequently Asked Questions

What Size Rims Should I Get For 35 Inch Tires?

For a 35 inch tire, the best size rim is a 20 inch diameter rim.

Can You Put 35 Tires On 20 Rims?

Yes, we can put 35 tires on 20 wheels.

What Size Is A 35 Inch Tire On A 17 Inch Rim?

A 36 inch tire is a small tire.

Can You Fit 35S On 16 Inch Rims?

Yes, we can fit 35s on 16 inch rims.

Final Thoughts

The best rim size for 35 inch tires is the 2M rim. It is large enough to fit the tires but not so large that it becomes a problem to drive. The size is also thin, so it does not cause hard wear on the tires.

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